Setting up a company or a business

The legal structure of business is important for the increased optimisation of benefits. J&S Lawyers will analyse your idea to help you build your business in the most appropriate manner, providing you with the information and the legal requirements involved in that process.

Bankruptcy proceedings

If your business faces bankruptcy, it is necessary to have the best team behind you right from the beginning; J&S Lawyers offer a team of professionals that will make the whole process easier for you and your business. Insolvency proceedings require the intervention of specialists from various fields, including legal, commercial, and of course economic and financial, but sometimes you may also require employment and criminal specialists; J&S Lawyers have a complete team ready to assist you through this delicate situation.

Our main commitment is to help find alternative solutions, and if possible to restructure a company’s activity by proposing and reaching agreements with major creditors.

Similarly, if you are thinking of buying a company going through bankruptcy proceedings or during the liquidation process, we will evaluate the risks that such a purchase may entail and advise you accordingly. This process is necessary in order to lessen possible risks, which is why it is crucial to have an expert team like ours behind you.

Claiming debts in Spain

If you have a claim against a Spanish company, J&S Lawyers will be able to assist you step by step with your claim. Whether you are claiming against a company that is going through bankruptcy or a company that is simply failing to comply with contractual obligations, J&S lawyers will be able to advise and guide you through your claim. Contact us to find out how you can recover debts.

Accounts Audit

Our team consists of specialised auditors will analyse the status of your company or the company in which you are considering investing in.



It is very common and increasingly frequent for foreign nationals to purchase or sell property in Spain.

The Spanish foreign property market has been plagued with scandal. There have been, and still are, some very dishonest agencies and sellers out there who will take advantage of clients simply because they are foreign.

Here at J&S Lawyers, our primary concern is for the client. We will ensure that our team of English Lawyers and Spanish Abogados maintain you informed of all of the legalities of the sale or purchase of property here in Spain.

J & S Lawyers commit to defending our clients’ interests as if it were our own, we will help to ensure the viability of the operation before you pay any amount. It is very important to contact a trusted lawyer before signing any documents.

Legal proceedings

Legal proceedings against banks.


Claims against delays in the delivery of housing or construction defects

Preparation and supervision

Confección y supervisión  de contratos del sector inmobiliarios, compraventa, arrendamientos, etc.

Representation at property

Representation at property owner’s community meetings.


The real estate team of lawyers at J&S Lawyers is one of the most experienced team of professionals who know all the ins and outs of the Spanish administrative and licensing processes involved in the building and construction of housing, from the urbanization study prior to the purchase of land right through to obtaining the first occupation license.

If you have a real estate project that you want to develop in Spain, it is necessary to have technical and specific advice on the matter from lawyers and economists, as well as architects to ensure the viability of the project. J&S Lawyers will give you the specialist advice that your company needs; Collaborating with your business’s technicians we will be accompany you through the implementation of the investment project that you have designed.


There are various reasons why a person may wish to apply for Spanish residency. At J & S Lawyers our team of lawyers will help you from the start of the procedure right through to the end. Collecting all the information you need to know, filling out all of the necessary forms, and helping to solve any problems that may arise during the procedure.

Our services include:

Obtaining a NIE

Anyone who will carry out bank transfers, open a bank account, set up a company, sell a property or any other transaction with the State Administration will need a NIE.

Golden Visa

for business, investment, etc., within the requirements of the Law 14/2013.

Sefarad Passport

Residence permits

Residence permits for students and for the implementation of a business.




If you are thinking about seeking a divorce in Spain you will need a lawyer who can properly advise and defend you in court. It is paramount to have a good lawyer that you can trust.

J & S Lawyers know that such issues are of great relevance, both emotionally and financially. It is important to contact a professional to guide you through this process and lessen the emotional burden and secure your financial stability; this is especially important where children are concerned.

If you are thinking about seeking a divorce in Spain, you have two options, an uncontested procedure, where a mutual agreement is reached and formalised before the Court, which is desirable in terms of both time and financials; or a contested procedure which involves litigation, where one party files an application for divorce at Court against the other party.

Wills, Trusts and Probate

Whether you want to prepare for the future, leave all of your paperwork in order; or you are dealing with a loved one’s estate, J&S Lawyers can help you.

Your Will is probably one of the most important documents that you will write, and it needs to be done properly, ensuring that all of your wishes are met and legally enforceable. We can help you with drafting trusts and limiting tax payments with our professional estate planning services.

If you are dealing with a loved one’s estate we will help you to complete the formalities of the process quickly, meeting the legal requirements of such proceedings, and to settle any relevant taxes.

In Spain, all Wills must be formalised before a notary and the submission of certain documentation is required. The figure of the notary is essential to this process, and J&S Lawyers regularly work with honest and dependable notaries that we can gladly recommend in order to facilitate the management of your case.

A lot of the documentation must be translated and apostilled when the original language is not in Spanish. At J&S Lawyers we have our own in-house team of translators who can guarantee professional and specialized translations.


If the death of the deceased has occurred abroad, the documentation required should be officially translated and apostilled if they are not in Spanish, such as the death certificate, the Will, and the inventory of the deceased assets before death, etc.


Recovering Debts in Spain.

J & S Lawyers has extensive experience in debt collection and a high success in the recovery of debts, both debts between companies and between individuals. We offer a professional and fast service, ensuring you are involved every step of the way.

J & S Lawyers believe that the judicial route should be the last, it is the most costly route for the client to take, and sometimes it is not the most effective, therefore, it is essential that you provide us with all of the information before we determine the steps that should be taken, so that your claim is as effective and as fast as possible.

If the possible insolvency of the debtor is foreseen, the effectiveness of a legal claim will be considered.

Enforcement of Judgements and Maintenance Claims in Spain

Due to mobility and globalisation within the European Community, the need to enforce a judgment or judicial decision in another country is increasingly common.

For example, there may be a divorce judgment issued by a German court, where child maintenance payments have been established. If the person paying moves to Spain, in accordance with the rules established between EU countries, the judgement may be enforced from Spain, it will not be necessary to revert to the German Courts.

The same goes for recovering debts in Spain, or from another EU country. There are many reasons why a client may need to enforce judgements from Spain. J&S Lawyers specialised team is ready to guide you through the procedure, ensuring you are fully informed of each step that is taken on your behalf.

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